Why Netkoolr?



Netkoolr is the #1 brand in the U.S and Brazil to produce insulated bags using LDPE lining with four-layer thermal insulation which is a patent-pending process.


Our lining is made with LDPE, a recyclable and safe alternative to PVC, PEVA and aluminum. 

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean/odor-free
  • 100% Non-toxic/food-safe, it is made to be in contact with food
  • Leak proof
  • Water proof/resistant to moisture
  • Sturdy/resistant to impact, does not break easily


Recycling LDPE

Recycling LDPE can help lighten the load on the environment. EPA (United States environmental protection agency) says that recycling in America significantly reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and can create more and better jobs than land filling.


The secure-sealed lining as well as the insulation process (patent-pending) was developed by our parents many years ago to attend the largest frozen food companies in Brazil. The goods when packed correctly can last cold for up to 8 hours and hot up to 4 hours.



Our bags are all made in small batches by artisans at our atelier in Brazil using ethical and sustainable production to assure the highest quality.